Los Angeles and Lyra

After graduation, I decided to start planning for the move I've wanted to make for years, picking up and trying my luck out on the West coast in LA.  I love living in the South, but the fact of the matter is that if I want to have a successful career in film I need to go where the jobs are. 

It's difficult to figure out where to start with a big move. I didn't know the area, what a good price was, or who I would be living with. I was completely up in the air, scrambling for a foothold in a situation where I felt completely in overwhelmed. But, sometimes the best way to test the water is by jumping in, and that's exactly what I did. 

I got a message from the one person I know living in LA, and turns out her roommate was looking to sublet her room. So now I have a place to stay, a roommate that won't try to hex me, and super-importantly, reasonable rent (amen). The only problem is that the roommate was leaving at the end of the month, so I would be moving in in three weeks or the space would go to someone else. I had three weeks to uproot my life, say goodbye to my friends, and get on the road. But, I decided to be excited rather than daunted. 

So now, I'm writing this post from my room in LA. On one hand, it's a dream come true, and on the other it's a huge adjustment.  It's difficult to move somewhere and not know a single soul but your roommate. I decided to channel whatever weird feelings come with that into making this lil animation. 

I had the idea for a girl underwater, confused and surrounded by fish since that's how I've felt these last few weeks, alone in an unfamiliar environment. As I came close to finishing, I began doing research on constellations since the unused space on the front of her shirt just looked too empty and hey, stars are cool. What I came across was pretty neat and gave some more life to the doodle than originally intended. 

The constellation on her shirt is called Lyra. It's a name for the lyre carried by Orpheus, which was said to produce a sound so beautiful that even animals would stop to hear it's sweet melodies. Orpheus often used it to play love songs for his wife, but when she died he could not being himself to play and chose instead to wander the land destitute.  One day, Orpheus is murdered by highwaymen, and the lyre is thrown into a river where it sinks to the bottom, forgotten. However, the god Zeus thought it was a great tragedy for the legendary instrument, and sent a giant swan to pluck it from the depths and immortalize it in the night sky, where it turned into stars. 

After reading this, it seemed suitable for the girl to become a personification of the lyre, beautiful and confused at the bottom of a river, longing to sing as life moves on around her.

I'm feeling better and better as the days go by. And getting a small creative project under my belt since coming to the West coast is helping to restore my confidence. It's going to be interesting making a new life here, but I'm up for the challenge!