Animation and Graduation!

My final semester is here at last. It's been really strange, but I feel more ready than scared for moving on from the welcoming wood-floored hallways of the art building. I got my ideal line-up of classes this time, I managed to get into Animation and Narrative, two courses I had been saving for last. 

I had always wanted to learn to animate. I've loved watching animations for many years and always been jealous of those artists who get to have complete control of the worlds they create! I made a separate page to showcase my work for this semester, though it's just beginner stuff. I'm very proud of my final piece, a short film called Crumbling. It's still a work in progress, but I'm very happy seeing my ideas come to life in a way that is so uniquely me. 

The other big news is that over this entire semester I wrote and directed a funny and heartfelt short film called Small Warm Things. It's getting the finishing touches right now before getting sent off to festivals, so it will be unavailable online for a while. But it was received extremely well at our school screening. I was blown away with the amount of praise and encouragement I received when the credits ended and the lights went back on. I had a really great time on each day of shooting, I couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic and dedicated cast and crew, and I felt like I grew a lot as a director over the course of filming. I became a lot more confident in myself and my decision making. The response after the screening and everyone's kind words makes me really grateful for everything I've learned at USC and really excited moving forward. 

Can't wait until I have my next set of news to post, I have a feeling good things are coming my way!

^ Screenshot from Small Warm Things!

P.S. - I also wrote a short manga, illustrated by Katy Accampo.