Two More Projects, Much More Planning

Hello! It's been a couple weeks since I've posted and since then I've been grinding away. This year has felt really good, I was burned out on anything creative last semester, but now my love for it is being rekindled. I've been extremely fortunate this year to have found a group of people that want just as badly as me to make neat little goofy films. 

The first thing I can show you is SPOOKY NIGHTS. It's another learning project for cinematography class, but I'm proud of this one as a whole. I had a stupid idea while driving home and a couple hours later I was looking at the completed files on my computer.  It was honestly one of the most fun shoots I've ever been a part of, and I'm excited it turned out so well.  This class has really upped my level of confidence in myself and my ability to properly light a scene (especially since I usually work on my own, and never get to use light kits since I don't have a crew). So, enjoy this silly tale about ghosts. 

Next, is a more serious project. It's something I wanted to really flesh out more fully, but unfortunately when I was writing I didn't know there such a short was a time limit on the project (it's for documentary filmmaking class) and so I had all of these ideas and feelings that couldn't possibly make it into the final product.  But, I pressed on and went for something a little different than my usual style to make a personal documentary about a family tradition. The soundtrack needs more work, and the colors aren't perfect, but this is where the project stands as of now.

It's both difficult and satisfying to make personal projects. I briefly delved into the topic last year when I made a somewhat cryptic film about my relationship with my dad, and it was extremely scary to show it to anyone really because it cut me so close to the core even though it wasn't so obvious to other people what the film was truly about.  And with this film, I'm being clear what it's about, and I even use my own voice for the narration. But because of the time limit I didn't really get to put my feelings into it, just my reactions. This topic is something that I wrote a lot about, I've had a few rough years lately, and I want to make a film covering it all, everything I'm feeling to work through it and just get it out. Maybe I'll be able to do more work on it in the summer, to set the topic to rest. 

I'm in the middle of my last projects for the semester right now, while trying to find a summer job close to home, which is difficult considering I don't live in New York or LA.  But, even with that stress, I'm being optimistic and pressing on! The last two videos I'm making are a longer documentary working with PAALS (an organization for training service dogs) and a cinematography project emulating the style of one of my favorite filmmakers, Kritsoffer Borgli.  It's going to be a major rush to get them done as exams are only a week away, but I'm excited! I have been working hard to make thorough plans, so now the pieces just have to be placed. 

Until next time <3