Two Projects Now, More Later

A few weeks have passed and I've been super busy on a cornucopia of projects. But, I have a few things so show for all this work!

First, I've been doing a cinematography course, and learning all the ins and outs of lighting setups. So here's the film noir short I made for that, complete with a femme fatal and cheesy sax music for your viewing pleasure.  

In the past, I've worked mainly with natural light (cause sunlight is pretty) so big lighting setups have always been super intimidating. But, it was really fun to be able to experiment with the Arri Kit to achieve the right look. 

The next thing I've been working on is a sort of experimental MOS documentary about a fencing blade. It's still a work in progress, but I wanted to share how it's going so far.  This video has been evolving and changing so much with each cut and each bit of feedback that it will probably be a completely different creature by the time I finally feel finished with it. Side note, I've been gravitating towards making experimental things lately, I should probably stop before I go too deep...

Anyway, that's what's come of the last few weeks. These next ones are possibly even more busy, I'm editing a whale of a documentary, storyboarding and planning a big narrative, as well as some other technical projects for cinematography class and a bunch of writing for both personal projects and screenwriting assignments. 

I'm caught up in work but excited about every project. Can't wait to share!