I got my first camera when I was a kid. I ran around and recorded everything I saw with wild abandon. When my family sat down and watched, it was so shaky it made everyone sick. I've gotten a lot better since then. 

These days I'm a filmmaker and animator.  I'm also a graduate of the University of South Carolina, a pretty okay épée fencer, and a big esports fan.  I live in Los Angeles with my pet rabbit, Ziggy. 

I work on a lot of moody animated shorts and short documentaries about artists, musicians, and interesting people. I'm all about bringing stories to life, whether it's a plot-line written at two in the morning or a brand itching to share themselves with the world.  On this site you can find a few examples of work I've done in the past and info on how to contact me so we can make something together in the future.

If you need an editor, writer, or whatever else, let's talk!

Faith Cox


Check out my reel!